Each year, HiPer Technology chooses the best of the best to ride for Team HiPer. These riders have proven themselves in each discipline from Cross Country to Moto-Cross to Freestyle, to TT racing.

HiPer’s roots are in the racing segment, and some of our racers have been with the company since the beginning. For many years now, HiPer wheels have become the standard by which all other performance wheels are measured. HiPer riders have won dozens of cross country championships and countless event wins. Our wheels are the only products that stand up to the demolition style riding of freestyle teams. We are the leader in the moto-cross segment with new short course off road wheels being introduced almost daily.

We wish the Team HiPer riders luck in the new racing season and look forward to engineering their expertise and experiences into all of our upcoming products.

To be considered for Team HiPer, please fill out the Sponsorship Form.