HiPer Technology, Inc. is a Kansas City based corporation that develops and manufactures products primarily for performance utility vehicles (UTV’s) and all-terrain vehicles (ATV’s). HiPer Technology produces wheels made of carbon fiber composite resins as well as advanced aluminum alloy wheels. Products shipping today include wheels for performance utility vehicles (UTV’s) and all-terrain-vehicles (ATV’s).

HiPer builds the best wheels available in each segment, manufacturing all critical components to assure quality, reliability and performance. Our wheels are some of the lightest and strongest wheels ATV and UTV wheels available. Our products and materials are targeted to replace any wheel applications using cast aluminum or laminate composites.

Traditionally, carbon fiber implementations have been “brittle” in that while very strong, the material tends to shatter rather then bend or deform upon impact forces. HiPer Technology and DuPont have co-developed a new carbon fiber composite material which when combined with proprietary molding processes, solves these challenges. The resulting components are light, strong, cost competitive, producible in volume, and not subject to the challenges associated with traditional carbon fiber implementations.

New and innovative products are continually being researched and developed with a long term strategy of filling all price and fitment segments for the ATV and UTV community and branching into additional markets both inside and outside of recreational and racing motorsports.

HiPer Racing Wheels will continue to develop the lightest, strongest, highest quality, most useable wheel for its application.